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The draft pick and Juan Cruz

It was mentioned in the Juan Cruz thread that the Rangers maybe didn't want to sign Cruz because it would cost them a 2nd round draft pick.

And I respect not wanting to throw away draft picks unnecessarily.  I recognize that picks have value, particularly for a team building from within.

However...I believe the Rangers' second round pick is #59 overall.  The best players ever, taken at #59, in order:

Roger McDowell

Dean Palmer

Gary Majewski

Brandon League

Greg Norton

Ryan Doumit

Jeremy Reed

At that point in the draft, you aren't getting a sure-fire major leaguer.  You probably aren't getting a player as good as Juan Cruz.

Refusing to sign Cruz to a below-market 2/3 year deal because you don't want to lose a 2nd round pick doesn't make a ton of sense to me.