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Wednesday morning stuff

A week and a half into the season, and I'm already feeling sick about things and running out of things to say.

Eddie Guardado's performance in the 10th was awful.  But when you hold the Orioles -- a pretty good offensive team -- to 3 runs in 9 innings, knock the opposing starter out of the game in the 2nd, and still don't score any runs against a bad bullpen for 7+ innings, it is hard to put all the blame on the pen.

Particularly when you have three runners thrown out on the basepaths, including one at home with only one out in the inning, and one stealing second right before the next batter goes deep.

So anyway...we have Evan Grant's game story here, Jeff Miller's story on the team's inability to put runs on the board against the bullpen here, and Jeff Wilson's game story here.

Gil LeBreton talks about the "bargain basement bullpen" being to blame for the bad start this year.  Richard Durrett also talks about the problems with the pen.

Anthony Andro says Ron Washington has a deep bench with versatility, although so far, he doesn't seem inclined to use the depth in-game.