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Thursday a.m. things

That's much better.  Particularly the day before an off day.  It would not be good to go into an off-day on a 6 game losing streak.

Jeff Wilson says that Ian Kinsler knew he needed a triple to hit for the cycle, when he drove the ball to centerfield in the 6th inning.  Wilson also runs down some team records set or tied by Kinsler yesterday, and Evan Grant also runs down some notes about Kinsler's terrific night.

Grant also says that the intentional walk Andruw Jones received that set up Nelson Cruz's fourth inning grand slam is significant, in that it shows that other teams fear and respect Jones, and suggests that David Murphy could end up losing playing time to Jones.  We shall see.  Sideshow also had a hot first month of the season in 2007.

Anthony Andro has some quotes from Ron Washington on Murphy, saying he still believes in Murphy and will continue to get him as much time as he gets Marlon Byrd.  Again, we shall see.

Jeff Miller has a piece up on Kris Benson's night, and how he battled back from a rough early go to give the Rangers 6 innings, when it initially appeared the Rangers would be burning through their pen again.  It is Benson's first win since the 2006 season.