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Sunday night linkaliciousness

Scattershooting while wondering whatever happened to RangerMoto...

Think that the Rangers are panicking and making a mistake in calling up Derek Holland?  Well you are in good company...J-JT agrees with you...

An amusing stat I wanted to share with the Legion of Lemonheads:

Marcus Lemon's average against LHPs this year:  .545

Marcus Lemon's average against RHPs this year:  .545

Kevin Goldstein will have a new Ten-Pack up tomorrow, and I'm betting Li'l Lemon is one of the guys included.

Ozzie Guillen ranting about a former player is always amusing, even if it is uber-douche Nick Swisher he is complaining about.

Richard Durrett has some questions and answers from Josh Hamilton after today's game, with Hamilton discussing his problems at the plate and what he's doing to address them.  Jeff Miller also has a story up at Inside Corner on Hamilton's struggles.

Did you know that Marlon Byrd and Kris Benson played on the same high school team?  Me either.  Miller has a neat feature on the two of them, and the paths they have taken from there to end up in Texas. 

Over at BP, Marc Normandin had a story up on Friday about the possible value of Kevin Millwood as a fantasy pickup.  And that was before his strong start yesterday.

The Millwood/Greinke duel yesterday was analyzed via Pitch f/x over at BTB, with pretty graphs of ball movement and velocity to illustrate what each pitcher was doing.

Also on Friday at BP, their newest Hit List had the Rangers ranked #14 in the majors.

We aren't the only ones with bullpen issues...after another ugly meltdown today by the Nats bullpen, Washington is sending down 4 pitchers 3 pitchers and a catcher and bringing up 4 new guys from the minors.  I figured that, given how badly he's struggled for almost a year now, Josh Rupe would clear waivers with no problems, but Washington's situation is so bad that they might conceivably put in a claim on him.

The S-T blog has video up with Michael Young talking after today's game.