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On Trey Hillman

So, yeah, Ron Washington's ongoing tenuous job security continues to be a hot topic.

And with the Royals in town, we've had the inevitable "why couldn't we have hired Trey Hillman instead?" posts (which, for that matter, we've had for 2+ years here now).

I've talked before about the criticism Hillman has received from numerous folks for his questionable in-game decisions since he took over in Kansas City...but with yesterday's game fresh in our minds, I thought it was also worth pointing out this analysis of Hillman's moves on Sunday which, the Royals Review writer appears to believe, cost Kansas City the game.

Ah, the irony, if Trey Hillman's incompetence ends up saving Ron Washington's job.

And as a point of clarification, this isn't a defense of Washington, and as I've said before, the fact that Jon Daniels put together a lousy collection of managerial candidates to interview is really more troubling to me than hiring the wrong guy. 

It is to point out that Hillman ain't the answer.