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Benson's start being pushed back

Kris Benson was supposed to start Wednesday's game against the Blue Jays.

However, Anthony Andro reports that Benson is being bumped back to Saturday because of "elbow tendinitis," but that Jon Daniels says Benson's elbow is improving and he's not worried.

Presumably, Matt Harrison starts Wednesday, and everyone gets their spots bumped up by one date.  And if Benson can't go on Saturday, well, I guess either Scott Feldman or Derek Holland takes that spot.

Personally, I'd be on board with Benson heading to the d.l., the Rangers picking up Steve Shell (just DFA'd by the Nats) for the bullpen, and plugging Feldman or Holland into the rotation right now.

Benson can rest his elbow, go do a rehab start or two, and then we can see how the rotation looks, and if we really want Benson back.