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Thursday a.m. stuff

Isn't it kind of cool to have a stud pitching prospect come up to the majors, and immediately perform up to expectations?  I liked that last night.

Jeff Wilson's game story focuses on Derek Holland's debut, who hit 96 mph on the gun last night, although he also talks about Darren O'Day's appearance on the mound in a Kason Gabbard jersey that he put on after arriving at the ballpark in the 10th inning.

Richard Durrett talks about Holland's debut, and also has some other links to comments from around the interwebs about Holland.

Beyond the Box Score has a pitch f/x analysis of Holland's debut up. 

Andruw Jones and Willie Eyre both left the game with injuries.  Jones' knee situation isn't though to be serious, but Eyre re-aggravated a strained groin, and given the nature of groin injuries and the state of the Ranger pen, I wouldn't be surprised if Eyre goes on the d.l. today.

And Bob Sturm throws a ton of questions out there to Evan Grant and Mike Hindman to answer on the Rangers.