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Friday morning things

1-2 in Toronto.  Kevin Millwood wasn't great yesterday, but he pitched well enough that you'd like to think he could have gotten the win.  No offense yesterday, though, against a pitcher you'd like to the think the Rangers should be able to score against...

Jeff Wilson notes that the Rangers have lost the last three games that Kevin Millwood has started.  In those games, Millwood has only given up 6 runs, but the Rangers have scored a total of only 6 runs.  Hard to win scoring 2 runs per game.

Wilson also has a Rangers mailbag up, with questions about the bullpen usage by Ron Washington, guys who could be dealt by Texas later in the season, and Frankie Francisco's intro music, among other things.

And he also has a write-up on new Ranger Darren O'Day.

Jason Jennings will pitch in back-to-back games this season, according to the Rangers.  They just aren't going to have him do it this early in the season, coming back from surgery.

Evan Grant contemplates whether the struggling David Murphy and Taylor Teagarden would be best served going back to AAA for a while.  Personally, I don't think that would be a good idea.

T.R. Sullivan has some bloggy notes up

Z has a blog post up about Manny Pina, who is off to a hot start in AA.

Jim Reeves doesn't like it that Kris Benson is being replaced by Scott Feldman.  He thinks that Feldman is more valuable in the pen, and Derek Holland should be in the rotation. 

And Ray Buck talks about Josh Lewin's head for trivia, and penchant for working said trivia into the broadcasts.

Lewin sometimes reminds me of this exchange between Norm and Cliff on the TV show Cheers:

Norm:  Cliffy, you're a walking encyclopedia.

Cliff:  Gee, thanks, Norm.

Norm:  Unfortunately, you're also a talking encyclopedia.