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Well, that was unexpected.

I had a power outage here at my house, somewhere around the fourth inning.  Power only come back on in the bottom of the 9th, and when my TV finally powered up and did all that TiVo re-charging crap, Frankie was down 3-0 to some guy I'd never heard of before.  And then he pumped three fastballs for strikes, ended the game, and the Rangers take 3 of 4 from Baltimore.

I had already started mentally composing a post for tomorrow about Matt Harrison, and how long you stay with him, and the problems with committing to a guy and then yanking him less than a month in versus the problems with sticking with a guy who is so clearly in over his head.

And then he ended up settling down and shutting the Orioles out over the final 5 innings.  If we can get 7 innings a night with 4 runs allowed from the starters, I'll take that.