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Wednesday a.m. Rangers news

Anthony Andro notes that this was Kevin Millwood's first win since Opening Day, although Millwood says that the important thing is that the team win, regardless if he gets the win or not.

Evan Grant says the Rangers don't have an ace, but they may have a horse in Millwood, who told Mike Maddux that he still had something left after 7 innings and wanted to go back out there for the 8th.

Josh Hamilton's exam came back good -- Dr. Meister says that Hamilton just has a strained muscle in his rib cage, and so while he is in "extreme pain," it doesn't sound like he'll have to go to the disabled list.

Marlon Byrd will be playing center field while Hamilton is out, and there are some additional notes on some pitchers in that item as well.

And T.R. Sullivan has a new mailbag column up.