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Richard Durrett on the Chris Davis ejection

Richard Durrett has a couple of quotes from Chris Davis on his ejection last night.

I mentioned early on in one of the game day threads that home plate ump Eric Cooper was going to run someone.  The Rangers started barking at him early on -- Ian Kinsler complained about a third strike call in the first at bat -- and after a few of the exchanges, you could just tell by Cooper's expression and body language that he was just waiting for the next person to argue a tad too long.

Which is unfortunate.  Ejections are going to happen.  But when you've got a situation like last night, where an umpire gets cross-wise with a team, and someone like me just watching at home can predict that the next guy to open his mouth is getting thrown, are not real good for the game. 

It is like the comment I made about Joe West in the last series, where you almost get the sense that he wanted to call Ian Kinsler's long drive to left at the foul pole foul because Kinsler had been hitting a bunch lately and Kinsler shouldn't get too uppity.

Some umpires, you get the sense, feel like their role is to be a more active part in what goes on in the game than is necessary.  Cooper ejecting Davis last night falls in that category.