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Friday morning things

Spring training is over.  The season starts on Monday.  Yay!

Ron Washington is still deciding on what the rotation is going to be.  Millwood, Padilla, and Harrison will be 1-2-5, but while Washington wants McCarthy in the #4 spot, so he'll match up against other team's #4 starters, the 4th start of this season will be the Tigers' home opener, and Washington apparently wants the more experienced Benson to pitch that game.

Personally, I think that after the first week or two, teams rotations end up switching around because of off-days and the like, so I don't know that the #3 starter is really going to face the other team's #3 starter any more than he'd face the other team's #4 starter, but nevertheless...

Washington also says that Andruw Jones will hit cleanup when he's in the lineup.  Not sure why a guy who has been terrible the past two seasons, and isn't good enough to be an everyday player should be locked into the #4 hole when he is playing, but hey, what do I know...

Jeff Wilson has a story on the comebacks of Benson and Jones, and their attempts to resurrect their careers here in Texas.

Jim Reeves has a column on Michael Young's transition to third base.

Gil LeBreton says fantasy baseball is stupid.

Jean-Jacques Taylor says that releasing Frank Catalanotto shows that Tom Hicks is serious about winning, because it is hurting his bottom line to do that.  I don't think that makes any sense.  J-JT also seems to be a big Andruw Jones fan.

T.R. Sullivan has some bloggy notes up.