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More predictions and rankings


ESPN has 21 of their baseball experts make predictions, and no one picks the Rangers to make the playoffs, although 3 people have them as their "dark-horse" pick.

However, one of the 11 Baseball Daily Digest writers picks the Rangers to win the A.L. West.

Phil Rogers has the Rangers 23rd in his power rankings (although it is really 22nd, since one of the things ahead of the Rangers isn't a baseball team).  Rogers also says that the 6 veteran NRIs making the Opening Day roster is a result of Daniels and Washington feeling pressure to get off to a good start.

Michael Silverman has the Rangers ranked 12th in the A.L., with this comment:

12. Rangers - One day they will discover pitching’s worth.

Because, of course, the Rangers' problem is that they don't think pitching is important.

Sheldon Ocker of the Akron Beacon has the Rangers ranked 22nd, and says the Rangers have no pitching.

Rob White of the Omaha Times-Herald has the Rangers ranked 24th, and says:

Seriously, how hard is it to bring in some pitching?

The New York Daily News has the Rangers finishing 2nd in the A.L. West.

Joe Sheehan predicts 88 wins and a division title for the A's.