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Opening Day things

Just a few more hours to go...

Ron Washington says that C.J. Wilson will be the primarily 8th inning setup guy.  If Wilson isn't available, he'll look to Scott Feldman or Jason Jennings in that role.

Evan Grant ranks the Opening Day roster in order of their importance to the success of the Rangers.  He's got Millwood and Padilla 1-2, and my initial reaction was that that was too high, but in thinking about it, it really may not be.  I think he's got McCarthy, Cruz and Andrus a little too low, though, and Young, Wilson and Blalock a little too high.

Jeff Wilson says the Rangers need to get off to a good start, and appear poised to do so...and seems to take a swipe at some folks in the process:

For all the off-season bellyaching over the lack of a big free-agent splash, a fast start ultimately might be traced to a chemistry among the 2008 core that wasn’t disrupted by a roster overhaul.

Gil LeBreton says that, while the talk has been about the Rangers being ready to win in 2010, the team thinks that it can win this year.