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Tuesday a.m. things


I like starting off the season with a win. 

And it being Opening Day and all, there are a whole bunch of links this morning.

In Evan Grant's game story, Marlon Byrd says that you couldn't have scripted a better start to the season.

Jeff Miller talks about Elvis Andrus's major league debut, and Mike Hindman discusses how Kevin Millwood's performance and confidence set the tone, with Millwood saying his conditioning program made a huge difference.

Hindman also has some notes up this morning on yesterday's game, including some thoughts about Marlon Byrd and the infield defense.

In the S-T, Anthony Andro also has an article up on Andrus's major league debut. 

Jeff Wilson says the Rangers were excellent in all three phases of the game -- hitting, pitching and defense.

David Murphy says that while he'd liked to have played on Opening Day, he understands while Marlon Byrd got the start and is fine with that decision.

Jim Reeves echoes the importance of Millwood buying into the conditioning program, in terms of the trickle-down effect with the rest of the staff.  One of the things you consistently hear, in regards to the importance of Michael Young on the team, is that he sets a tone for the rest of the positional players in terms of his hard work and willingness to play through injuries.  He provides an example that the younger players are expected to follow.

In think it isn't unreasonable to believe that Millwood set a tone for the pitchers, as the leader of the staff, the past few years, except it has been the wrong tone.  And having Millwood come into camp in shape, working hard, in better condition, as Reeves points out, can only have a positive effect on the rest of the staff. 

Richard Durrett has some bloggy thoughts on Opening Day.