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Friday morning Rangers news

Well, on Tuesday, the Rangers won a game that was quite losable, and yesterday, lost a game that was quite winnable.  It is disappointing, but that is what middle of the road teams do.

Jeff Wilson says Ryan Sweeney robbing Ian Kinsler of a potential game-winning homer was the play of the game.  And it was a huge play...but the Rangers shouldn't have only had one run on the board at the time anyway.

Evan Grant's story focuses on the little things the Rangers didn't do -- particularly in the 5th, when Texas had runners on second and third and none out, and then bases loaded and one out, and didn't get a run home.  Michael Young's attempt to reach third on a drive to the wall with the team down 3 in the 9th was just the topper on the "no little things" meme, although Young took the blame for that decision and said it was his mistake.

Eddie Guardado got run last night, but he apologized afterwards and said it was his own fault, not the umpire's -- it was frustration getting to him.  Guardado's spot has seemed safe, but the more he continues to struggle against lefties, the more the Rangers are going to have to think about cutting him loose.

Wilson also has injury updates on Josh Hamilton, Kris Benson, and Willie Eyre, with Eyre still being hampered by his groin strain, Benson set for a rehab start, and Hamilton making progress.

I was a skeptic on Andruw Jones -- not just about his ability to still hit, but his ability to accept a part-time role -- but so far, it looks like I'm wrong.  Jeff Wilson says Jones is happy and embracing his role on the Rangers, and he's been one of the more pleasant surprises early on.

And T.R. Sullivan has some bloggy notes up.