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Friday morning Rangers things

Two big walk-off wins, and a sweep of the hated M's.  And now we have a pretty big series with Anaheim this weekend.  The Rangers really need to take two of three if they want to show folks they are serious contenders in the A.L. West this year.

Jeff Wilson emphasizes that the Rangers were able to get a walk-off win because of the great work Matt Harrison did, in pitching his second straight complete game.  Harrison has now allowed just 2 runs in his last 30 innings, dropping his ERA to 4.23 on the season and his FIP to 4.32.

Jeff Miller examines Harrison's start, and also discusses the book that Harrison's in-laws gave him right before the Baltimore start, that he says has helped him with the mental aspects of the game.

Evan Grant talks about Chris Davis's walkoff homer being the latest sign that he's coming around after a bad start to the season.  Davis is hitting .239/.299/.521 on the season now, with a .260 EQA.

Anthony Andro notes that, since Michael Young's walk-off homer against the Royals on April 19, the Rangers are 16-7.  That win broke a 1-7 skid that had the Rangers in danger of falling out of contention early on once again.

Jeff Wilson has a story up on Neftali Feliz, who appears to have no lingering issues after missing a start with some shoulder soreness.  It includes quotes from Derek Holland about how "effortless" Feliz throws, and Jon Daniels on the adjustments that Feliz has to make in moving to AAA.

M's beat writer Seattle Times national baseball writer Larry Stone is impressed with the Rangers.

Jeff Sullivan has a pitch f/x screencap up for the Davis 9th inning AB, and it shows that Brandon Morrow went with four straight high fastballs.  I'll wager that Rick Adair -- who was with the Rangers when Davis was coming up through the minors -- told Morrow when he went to the mound before that fateful AB that Davis was a low ball hitter, and to work him up and either make him chase high fastballs or else walk him and deal with the righthanded Andruw Jones and Elvis Andrus.  Morrow, I think, got the 4th pitch down farther than he wanted.