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This amused me

This post over at FanGraphs by Dave Cameron, talking about how the Rangers pitching isn't really any better this year, but their fielding is much better, prompted the following in the comments section:

Steve says:

I’m not sure what an FIP is, but it’s an example of a useless stat. It doesn’t make much sense and certainly doesn’t effect anything directly. If a pitcher saws off almost every batter he faces and gets weak dribbler after week dribbler to an infielder for an easy out. Using the theory from this ridiculous article, that would decrease the pitcher’s strikeout rate, therefore making him a bad pitcher. If you watched the game instead of just crunching the numbers, you would notice that the Rangers pitchers are indeed much better this year. You should at least have half a brain and believe in the power of money. The #1 and #2 pitchers are in contract years, and use all the FIP’s you want to, buddy. There’s much more statistical proof of guys performing better when money’s on the line. But don’t write about things you know nothing about. You obviously never watch Ranger games, so don’t comment on them. You just sound dumb.