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Tuesday morning Rangers stuff

The day after an offday, things are usually quiet out there, but a 7 game winning streak seems to have woken some folks up about the Rangers...

Jeff Wilson notes that the upcoming stretch of games, with the Rangers' next eight series coming against teams that have an aggregate .554 winning percentage, will go a long way towards determining whether the Rangers will be in the playoff hunt come September.  But the players are saying that the team is playing well, that they can play better, and that they are just going to play a game at a time.

Brett Perryman takes a look at the challenges facing the Rangers with this series at Detroit that kicks off today.  Texas, of course, has lost their last 8 games in Detroit, and the Tigers are currently in first place in the A.L. Central.

Jim Reeves runs down the five reasons the Rangers have been successful so far this year. 

Gil LeBreton says this team is well-positioned to keep winning because of the solid pitching it is getting.

Kevin Sherrington says several folks deserve credit for getting the Rangers where they are right now.

T.R. Sullivan says Frankie Francisco is throwing a simulated game on Wednesday, after having a good bullpen session yesterday.