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Friday morning Rangers news

Nothing like the news that Derek Holland will be making his first major league start today to distract from getting swept.

Kevin Millwood says the only thing that bothers him about how he pitched yesterday was walking Clete Thomas in the 8th with Miguel Cabrera behind him, while Michael Young says the problem is that the offense isn't doing its job.

Getting Josh Hamilton back should help the offense quite a bit, and Ron Washington says that he expects Hamilton to be in the lineup today.  Hamilton should start all three games at CF against Houston, and I am interested in seeing how playing time is divvied up this weekend, with no DH, although Washington says Chris Davis will start at least two of the games at first.

Jeff Wilson says that Rangers players don't think of this weekend as a rivalry series...they consider the Angels, M's and A's the team's true rivals.  I have to agree...I think the only person who really cares about who wins this series is Drayton McLane.

With Frankie Francisco coming off the d.l. today, another move was inevitable, and I think we all figured it would be Warner Madrigal heading back to AAA...but instead, we have Vicente Padilla going to the d.l.  That means Derek Holland makes the start today, and I'm guessing will be looking at 75-80 pitches, as Anthony Andro says this:

Daniels said Holland will be on a pitch count today.

I hope nobody tells Nolan Ryan...

T.R. Sullivan has some bloggy notes up this morning.