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Tuesday a.m. Rangers things


Matt Harrison has allowed 12 runs in his last 10 innings, allowing 3 homers, walking 3 batters, and striking out just 5, with his ERA jumping from 4.23 to 5.43 over his last two starts.  Not good.

Jeff Miller's game story has some quotes from Harrison saying that he left pitches up over the plate, and the Yankees hit the ball hard.  Not much else to say there.

And it really didn't matter if Harrison had pitched great, anyway, because the bats went silent again.  Strange as this may seem, I'm a little more worried about the offense on this team than the run prevention right now.

Anthony Andro's game story talks about the "free-swinging" approach the Rangers took against Yankee starter Philip Hughes, which resulted in them doing nothing against him.

Richard Durrett has some "random Rangers thoughts."

Jim Reeves says that you shouldn't boo Mark Teixeira, because his not wanting to be here (leading to the Atlanta Braves trade) has made the Rangers a lot better off than they'd be if they'd kept him.  I agree.