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Friday a.m. Rangers stuff

Doubleheader today against the A's.

Tommy Hunter is being called up today to make the start in game one, although it is up in the air as to who will be added for game 2, or what move will be made to make room for Hunter.

There are a couple of things the Rangers could do.  They could cut loose Kris Benson, and then add Doug Mathis after game 1 to replace Benson in the long relief role.

Or they could put Matt Harrison on the d.l. to make room for Hunter, and then call up someone already on the 40 man -- Luis Mendoza, perhaps -- to take Hunter's spot after game 1.

My guess is that Benson is cut loose and Mathis takes over as the long man in the bullpen for the Rangers.

Jeff Wilson has an item about Chris Davis trying to work through his struggles, with this explanation as to why he's late on fastballs:

Jaramillo wants Rangers hitters to start their swing when a pitcher breaks his hands. But because Davis doesn’t fully trust his mechanics, his bat has been late and pitchers are routinely beating him with fastballs.

"It’s somewhat mechanical, but it’s more mental than anything," Jaramillo said. "A lot of times you can have the best plan when you step in the box, but if you don’t trust it, then things get out of whack."

Davis is focused on getting the kinks worked out of his swing. His contributions as an above-average fielder are helping him stay in the lineup, and he hasn’t been a total bust at the plate.

The end of Davis’ struggles is near, Jaramillo said.

Wilson also has a new Rangers mailbag up.

Jim Reeves has a column up about David McDavid's ongoing discussions with Tom Hicks about buying the Rangers, with McDavid saying he will either have a controlling interest or won't buy.  Reeves also says that while Hicks is valuing the club at about $600 million -- which is what Forbes puts it at -- the current market makes it more in the $400-450 million range, which would be less than what the San Diego Padres sold for, and which would be an almost shockingly low figure for the club.

Richard Durrett has some quotes from Nolan Ryan about the ownership situation, as well as apost about Darren O'Day's thoughts on Mike Maddux.

And T.R. Sullivan has some bloggy notes up.