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Defending Bob Geren

Bob Geren is getting killed over at Athletic's Nation for the decision to walk Chris Davis and face Taylor Teagarden last night:

Chris Davis had struck out all four ABs in Game 1, and finished the double-header 0-7 with 6 Ks. He has now struck out a major league leading 77 times, including 23 times in his last 34 ABs. He is batting .194 and will likely be optioned to AAA. In sum, he is essentially, this season and especially right now, the equivalent of a pitcher batting. I was truly in disbelief when I saw this move being made.

I'm going to ignore the "will likely be optioned to AAA," which is wrong but not relevant to this discussion.

Against righties this year, Teagarden is hitting .235/.333/.294. 

Against righties this year, Davis is hitting .216/.272/.474.

Yeah, Davis has been awful lately, which you have to take into account...but even given that, you've got an open base.  Teagarden's average against righthanders is barely higher than Davis's (and was, I believe, lower than Davis's coming into yesterday's game), and Davis is a hell of a lot more likely to go deep than Teagarden.

So down 2-1, with the backup catcher (who hasn't hit righties well all season) coming up behind Davis, who has been striking out a ton but who is about as likely to get a hit as Teagarden against a RHP and who is a whole lot more likely to go deep and make it a 5-1 game...

Is it really that irrational to walk Davis to face Teagarden?