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Thursday morning Rangers stuff

Rainout yesterday.  Bah.

Rain does mean that the rotation is getting juggled, with Derek Holland being bumped back to Sunday, and Matt Harrison making another rehab start, allowing him to come back on Wednesday and re-join the rotation then.  Harrison says he needs to work on his windup.

Evan Grant says that Frankie Francisco wasn't ready to pitch yesterday, and when he does come back, Ron Washington might not put him back at closer immediately.

Frankie says he probably came off the disabled list too soon.

Anthony Andro notes that the offense is having some issues, particularly in regards to getting on base, as it is in the middle of the pack in OBP and near the bottom of the A.L. in walks.

Michael Young says the problem with the offense is that they need to play with more energy.

And the big story from the Rangers' draft selections yesterday was their grabbing of Ruben Sierra, Jr.  You may have heard of his dad.