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Friday a.m. Rangers things

Only one run yesterday, part of the continuing struggles of the Ranger offense, but Jeff Wilson notes that that one run was enough, thanks to Kevin Millwood and the defense.

Evan Grant runs down a list of ten key things from yesterday's game.

Josh Hamilton is expected to be out four to six weeks after undergoing surgery to repair a torn abdominal muscle, but he is planning on coming back sooner.

Anthony Andro has some notes about the Rangers signing Orlando Hernandez to a minor league deal, and an update on Dustin Nippert and Willie Eyre, both of whom threw live batting practice yesterday.  I remain underwhelmed by the El Duque addition, and certainly hope we don't have to see him in Arlington this year.

Wilson writes about Ron Washington's option getting picked up for the 2010 season, and how it comes right as he's facing some significant challenges.

Randy Galloway has a column about Washington being the longest-tenured head coach/manager in the Metroplex now, among the four pro teams.