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T.R. Sullivan is cantankerous today

T.R. Sullivan has a new mailbag up, and man, does he seem grouchy...some excerpts:

I always try to see the positive notes of Vicente Padilla, but it seems the Rangers want to get rid of him because of his attitude and approach to the game.
-- Carlos O., Managua, Nicaragua

Funny, when you're a big winner like Roger Clemens or a Hall of Famer like Don Drysdale, Bob Gibson or Early Wynn, you're considered "tough" and "mean" when you have the bravado to throw a baseball at 95 mph toward a hitter's body. Your reputation is admired far and wide. But when you're a 14-game winner with an ERA around five, then you're a troublemaker. The Rangers need Padilla this season to win the division.

* * *

Look, the Rangers really miss Josh Hamilton. All this blather about them winning without him is just that.

* * *

Now that the Draft is over, do you think the Rangers will sign Ben Sheets and how soon could he help this club?
-- Pam P., Fort Worth, Texas

No. He has not begun a throwing program and he is unlikely to help any team at all this year. Sheets is not going to ride to the Rangers' rescue.

I just read a short article on a young prospect named Guillermo Pimentel. It said the Rangers have been the front-runners in the expected signing of this 16-year-old.
-- Jake L., Houston, Texas

Pimentel has left-handed power. He does not have speed. He is not a center fielder. The Rangers are not the front-runners by no means. Some of the media reports have been exaggerated as to this kid's ability.

T.R. putting the smack down...

Anyway...the thing that really jumped out at me is Sullivan saying that the Rangers are contemplating putting Jason Jennings back in the rotation.  He was used in a three inning stint the other day, and that could well be a prelude to Jennings eventually being stretched out and plugged in there.