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Richard Justice: Rangers are better than Astros

Houston Chronicle columnist Richard Justice has a blog entry up at the Chronicle website, contrasting the situation with the Rangers (who have been bad for some time, but who are currently in first and well-positioned going forward) with the Astros (who have been good for a long time, but who are currently not in good shape).

It is an interesting read -- Justice is very critical of Tom Hicks, whom he blames for the Rangers being bad for the past decade, and has a lot of praise both for Jon Daniels and Nolan Ryan. 

And there are a ton of comments on there, which are kind of amusing, and which boil down to either:

1)  The Rangers are always in first in June, and then fade down the stretch because it is hot in Arlington, or

2)  The Rangers are only good because True Astro Nolan Ryan took over.

There's also this exchange in the comments:

Richard: Who has more authority now in Arlington, Daniels or Nolan Ryan? It appears that all Daniels got for his good work was a demotion.

[Nolan is the boss. Jon now has a boss that understands and appreciates the good work he's doing.--Richard]

I think that pretty well sums up the front office situation in Texas right now.