Former TX BB Ops Employee John Lombardo

As you may have heard, for everyone’s benefit the Rangers and many employees had to make some very difficult but necessary decisions recently. As such, and through nobody’s fault, my time with the Club is at an end. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of the Rangers fans for the tremendous support that you have shown over the years, both to myself and, most importantly, to our players and staff. Your passion truly made the long nights, consecutive days, and constant effort helping to build what is quickly becoming a long-range model organization worth every single moment I spent involved with Texas. I am extremely proud what of the work we have done in all phases of the operation.

My only disappointment is the knowledge that a very select few of our fans cannot yet see what is happening in Arlington, and the path this leadership group has put the organization on. Most may think it would be easy for me, through what has happened, to now be every bit as negative some others who follow the team. Yet, if you truly see what is developing around this club, those feeling could never come forth. While I do not mean to come off as arrogant, I hope that you will trust me, my experiences in the game, and my “expertise” when I say that the tireless and dedicated work of men like Jon Daniels, Thad Levine, Scott Servais, Ron Hopkins and all of those involved in Baseball Operations is amongst the most committed, professional, and knowledgeable in the game. As such, there is no doubt that, through all of their vigorous efforts and JD’s leadership, you are beginning to and will continue enjoying a championship caliber team and organization for many years to come. It would be an absolute shame for every passionate fan of the Rangers to not realize this and miss the opportunity of a lifetime – to live every moment of the burgeoning success of a model franchise in every sense of the word, from the players to the staff to the front-office, as it is unfolding before you.

I have heard some complain that Ranger fans aren’t overly knowledgeable, that they aren’t “true” baseball fans and are fair-weather. More than any other misconception in my time in Arlington I know this to be untrue…every single day I have been involved with this franchise I would put your loyalty, dedication, and passion against any other club’s fans. I will let you in on a little secret – from time to time each of us checked in here to see what our fans are feeling. We did so as this is your team and you are all important to every member of the organization. Please know that none of the leadership group ever forgets that. Those who frequent this message board and read Jamey Newberg’s truly outstanding work are the primary reason they all strive so diligently to bring a World Series to Texas…and remember, they need your physical support to get there.

I can never thank you, the fans, enough for the joys you have given me through my nearly 12 years in Player Development and as a Ranger – it has been an experience that I would not trade for anything and was a remarkable and great run. Best wishes to you all and know that I am and will remain proud to be counted amongst you now as a fellow Rangers’ fan, no matter what road I chose to take in the game.

God bless and see you in October,

John Lombardo