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Tuesday a.m. Rangers stuff

Relatively quiet day in Rangerland...

Jeff Wilson writes that the Ranger players expect for this team to be a playoff contender, regardless of what those on the outside think.

Evan Grant takes a look at the accusations that Alex Rodriguez tipped pitches, with Miguel Tejada, Carlos Guillen, and Omar Vizquel appearing to be the opposing middle infielders who had the most success against the Rangers in blowout games.  Grant also includes this interesting item, which I hadn't heard before:

Rangers manager Ron Washington, who was with Oakland at the time, was once called to a staff meeting because an A’s coach suspected Tejada was tipping pitches to opponents.

Washington listened to the accusations, then got up and left the meeting, even after being told to stay.

"That was all I needed to hear," Washington said. "I told them to back off that and leave it alone. When they didn’t, I got up and left. That stuff never happened. Miguel won way too many games for us for anybody to be thinking he was helping another guy do good against us."

Bob Sturm breaks down the splits for the rotation in the months of April and May...

Richard Durrett says that Mike Maddux is visiting the mound a lot during games, but it seems to be working...

Nothing official yet on the Josh Hamilton situation, but we are supposed to hear something today.  Although the fact that he pinch hit on Sunday would suggest the team is hopeful he will avoid a d.l. stint, I have a sneaking suspicion that he's going to be put on the disabled list today, and Brandon Boggs will get called up. 

While we obviously don't want Hamilton out of the lineup, Boggs' presence would help the Rangers when they face lefty starters, who they've struggled against thusfar.