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Sunday morning Rangers things

Trying to avoid being swept by the Giants today.  And continuing to wait for the offense to wake up. 

Everyone other than Ian Kinsler went 1 for 31 last night.  It is getting ridiculous.

And logically, rationally, you know that this can't continue, that even if this isn't a great offense, it is better than what it has shown the past month or so.

But times like this, it is hard to keep that in mind.

Anthony Andro writes that Derek Holland was great and the bats weren't.

Brett Perryman talks about last night's performances by Holland and Blake Beavan, key parts of the Rangers build-from-within philosophy.

Nolan Ryan is worried about the offense

There's an article in the DMN about the Rangers improvement this year leading to better crowds and, conceivably, a better price for Tom Hicks should he sell.

And there's a piece on the Minneapolis Star-Tribune focusing on the Rangers' resurgence this year.