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Monday morning Rangers stuff

That was an unpleasant series in San Francisco. 

Late in Saturday's game, with the bats looking absolutely useless against Matt Cain, either Josh or Tom said something along the lines of, "If you don't enjoy a pitching duel like this, you aren't a baseball fan."

I didn't enjoy Saturday's game.  I didn't enjoy it, not because it was a pitcher's duel, but because it was the latest example of the Ranger offense looking impotent, and because it is incredibly frustrating to watch a game thinking that your team is incapable of scoring more than a run or two.

Anthony Andro notes that the defense played a big role in yesterday's loss, with Nelson Cruz and Elvis Andrus each contributing to Giant runs.

Ron Washington believes that the sixth inning is the most crucial inning in a game

Gil LeBreton says the Rangers need to look at going younger the rest of the way...leave Chris Davis alone, let Brandon Boggs play more (at the expense of Marlon Byrd and Hank Blalock), and consider bringing up Julio Borbon and Max Ramirez.

Richard Durrett says there's really not much Ron Washington can do right now about the offense.