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Wednesday a.m. Rangers things

So, this point, I don't know what there is to say.  Before, at least, you could say, the pitching and defense was there, but the bats just weren't going.  Yesterday was awful all around.

Jeff Wilson says that, with the struggles of the offense, the Rangers needed a strong outing from Matt Harrison, but what they got was one of his worst starts of the season.  While Matt Harrison's ERA on the year is now 6.11, he does have a FIP of just over 5.

T.R. Sullivan has an article up about Rudy Jaramillo's take on the offense:

Hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo has heard all the theories about what ails the Rangers offense. He sees the same things others see.

The hitters are not patient enough at the plate. They try to pull everything instead of going the opposite direction. They swing at breaking balls and offspeed pitches that are nowhere close to the strike zone. They miss Josh Hamilton.

"I hear it all," Jaramillo said. "I've only been doing this 19 years. We've always made adjustments and will continue to make adjustments."

For Jaramillo, it all comes down to one thing. He is blunt about it. The Rangers are messed up mentally.

Evan Grant touched on one of the repeated problems the hitters have had in his game blog last night:

The word going around baseball right now is that the Rangers are the easiest team in the league to pitch to. If you get in trouble, just throw a changeup. They’ll chase. 

Jeff Wilson also has a story up about the struggling offense, with Rudy Jaramillo being quoted in there as saying that if he were an opposing pitcher, he wouldn't throw the Rangers a strike, highlighting the impatient approach the Rangers hitters have had.

Jon Daniels says that if the Rangers make a move, it will likely be for bullpen help.  There's also some discussion in that piece about Matt Purke's status and Chris Davis's struggles.

Kevin Millwood and Derek Holland are flip-flopping spots in the rotation this weekend, giving Holland an extra day of rest and Millwood the opportunity to make four starts prior to the All-Star Break, rather than just three.