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Thursday a.m. Rangers stuff

The Rangers break the five game losing streak, behind a strong start from Vicente Padilla and solid work out of the pen by Frankie Francisco and C.J. Wilson

Jeff Wilson says that since being put on waivers a few weeks ago, Padilla has pitched much better.  But while his ERA has gone down, he's still walking as many batters as he is striking out, which makes me leery about how good he's going to continue to be this year. 

Wilson's notes from today focus mostly on the Neftali Feliz move to the bullpen, in what appears to be an anticipatory move to the major league club in the near future, but also mentions that Brandon McCarthy had a catch and will be evaluated tomorrow as to whether he's ready to start a throwing program, and that Josh Hamilton took fly balls and grounders in centerfield yesterday.

Marlon Byrd has been using supplements made by Victor Conte's new company.  Victor Conte, of course, is the BALCO guy, and thus carries with him a cloud of suspicion, but Byrd doesn't appear to be worried about it.

And Brett Perryman has some thoughts on last night's game.