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Rob Neyer on Chris Davis

There's been a lot of talk on the blogosphere about how Chris Davis is dragging down the Rangers offense, and how they need to do something with him ASAP.

Interestingly, Rob Neyer praises the Rangers for sticking with him:

Before this season, then, we have 355 games telling us that Davis can hit. This season, we've got 67 games telling us that he can't. It's to the Rangers' credit that they're paying more attention to 355 than to 67 ... except 67 isn't nothing, you know? Especially when the 67 is so dramatic. I do believe that if Davis is healthy, he deserves to keep playing regularly. But if his numbers aren't getting better by the All-Star break, the Rangers will be left with little choice but to make a change. At some point, the history is overwhelmed by the present and by the damage the present is doing to everyone's credibility and psyches.

Of course, he also ends the piece with this sentence:

(On a happier note, I love what the Rangers are doing with Neftali Perez.)