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Saturday morning Rangers things

I like games like that.  And it seems like it has been forever since we've had one.

Jeff Wilson says Kevin Millwood was unhappy with how he pitched, but the explosion by the bats meant Millwood's struggles didn't matter.

Jeff (the writer) Miller says that Millwood had flown back the day before and watched the 12 inning late-night game against the D-Backs on TV, so he was rested and ready for his start.

Willie Eyre's activation meant that someone had to be dropped from the 40 man roster, and it ended up being German Duran, who has been put on release waivers.  However, if he clears waivers, both Duran and the Rangers want him to stay with the organization, and since he's on the minor league disabled list, if someone claims him, he has to go on the major league disabled list, so it appears likely he'll clear and sign a minor league deal with Texas.

Kevin Sherrington says that there have been no stars for the Rangers this season, just a bunch of role players.  Sherrington dismisses Ian Kinsler as having had one hot month and being irrelevant since, but he's got an 883 OPS while playing great defense at second base, which makes him one of the 5 or 10 best players in the A.L. this season, I think.  It makes me wonder if we aren't starting to take Kinsler for granted.