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Either rain or a roster move tonight

Evan Grant says that if there's a game tonight, the Rangers are going to option Warner Madrigal to AAA, purchase the contract of Doug Mathis, and move Willie Eyre to the 60 day d.l.

Why?  Beats me, other than they want to get Madrigal work.  This does suggest, though, that Kris Benson is going to lose his roster spot when Matt Harrison comes back, with Mathis replacing him as the long man.  As has been mentioned before, if the Rangers aren't going to use Benson in a situation like last night's game -- and instead would go with Derek Holland, who is supposed to be starting just four days later, and who is a lefty facing a team that kills lefties -- then there's really not much reason for him to be on the team.

The other possibility is that Benson is going to make Saturday's start now, since Holland was used yesterday, and they presumably don't want to start him on three days' rest.  In that situation, Mathis replaces Benson as the long man, although Benson could still get the ax when Harrison returns.

In the meantime, there's rain in New York, and some question about whether or not the game tonight will even be played.  I imagine the Rangers would like a rainout, since it means they can skip Holland's spot in the rotation altogether on Saturday, and not worry about starting him on short rest or Benson at all.  Presumably, the game would be made up in August, and you'd hope that Josh Hamilton would be back in the lineup by then, and possibly someone like Roy Oswalt in the rotation...