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People Unclear of the Concept of Waivers

Baseball Digest has some comments about Vicente Padilla:

According to an industry source, suddenly out of work pitchers Tom Glavine and Vicente Padilla will not be jobless for long.

One NL exec told on Wednesday night the Phillies "like both pitchers and will sign one of them before the week is out."

"The Phillies have been waiting for just this type of opportunity; take a veteran starter for a test drive for the next month or so before having to make any hard decisions about (San Diego’s Jake) Peavy or (Houston’s Roy) Oswalt."

* * *

As for Padilla, there’s word from the West Coast that the Angels have already spoken to Padilla’s agent to discuss a possible deal, and the White Sox have inquired as well. However according to an NL East scout, the Mets had a front office official watch Padilla’s start against the Yankees on Tuesday night, and "liked what he saw".

Numerous problems.

First of all, Padilla isn't "out of work."  He's on waivers.  If no one claims him, he stays with the Rangers.  He isn't going anywhere.

Secondly, the Phillies can't "sign" Padilla.  They can claim him on waivers and take on his entire contract, or they can trade for him (and try to get the Rangers to eat part of his deal), but they can't sign him.

Third, Padilla's not someone you would take for a "test drive," because he's owed about $8 million for the rest of the season.

Fourth, if the Angels have talked to Padilla's agent about a possible deal, that would seem to be tampering, since Padilla is under contract with the Rangers.

Other than that, great work.