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Mock drafts and draft talk

Some mock drafts are up...

Jim Callis's mock has Shelby Miller falling to the Rangers at #14, as does Andy Seiler's mock (which goes three rounds deep)...

John Sickels, meanwhile, will be doing his community-driven live mock draft at Minor League Ball beginning at noon goes five rounds...

Miller seems the obvious pick if he's there, but there's talk he may be gone by then...of interest is that both Seiler and Callis have the Royals taking USC shortstop Grant Green at #12, and Callis suggests if he doesn't go there, he could slide all the way to the Yankees.

Green is a Boras client who was ranked as the #3 prospect in the draft in BA's November rankings, but has seen his stock slip...he's got a good mix of tools, but there's questions about his strike zone judgment and whether he'll stay at shortstop, or have to move to second or third.  The Rangers are, of course, set at the infield on the major league level for years to come, and have several infield prospects in the upper levels of the minors, but if you believe that you don't draft for need, Green could be an intriguing option at #14 if Miller is gone.

Keith Law's latest post at the ESPN Draft Blog notes that the Rangers have been heavily scouting Tanner Scheppers at St. Paul, where he's pitching in an independent league, and Callis has Scheppers going at #15 to Cleveland.  The issue with Scheppers is his health -- he slid last year because of a stress fracture -- but as a 22 year old who was considered a likely top ten pick before his injury, he could move quickly and provide terrific value at #14 if he can stay on the mound.

UPDATE -- Kevin Goldstein offers his top 50 draft prospects.