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Rich Hill with the Yips again

Rich Hill's outing today:

  Bottom 1st: Oakland

- O. Cabrera singled to center
- A. Kennedy fouled out to third
- O. Cabrera stole second
- J. Cust walked
- M. Holliday walked, O. Cabrera to third, J. Cust to second
- J. Giambi walked, O. Cabrera scored, J. Cust to third, M. Holliday to second
- K. Suzuki hit by pitch, J. Cust scored, M. Holliday to third, J. Giambi to second
- B. Crosby grounded out to third, M. Holliday scored, J. Giambi to third, K. Suzuki to second
- R. Davis walked
- B. Bass relieved R. Hill
- G. Petit grounded into fielder's choice, R. Davis out at second

3 runs, 1 hits, 0 errors
Baltimore 0, Oakland 3

Hill's career was de-railed by Steve Blass disease, which is how the Orioles ended up with him, and it had looked like he was bouncing back well, before today.