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Wednesday a.m. Ranger things

Ah, a win.  What a nice change of pace.  Texas has a chance to get back within a half game of first tonight.

Jeff Wilson notes that the Rangers have a history of pounding yesterday's starter, Joe Saunders, at TBIA...he now has an 11.67 ERA in Texas.

Ian Kinsler's lead over Dustin Pedroia in the All Star balloting is down to just a few thousand votes, but Josh Hamilton's lead is safe.  Tommy Hunter is staying in the rotation now and will go again on Friday.

Kevin Sherrington says that the offense, even after last night's explosion, still isn't good.

And just a few days after Randy Galloway wrote a column talking to Nolan Ryan about the offensive problems and absolving Rudy Jaramillo of any blame, Jennifer Floyd Engel does the same.