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Wednesday a.m. Rangers things

The day after the All Star Game is traditionally the slowest sports day of the year.  And if you don't care about the Home Run Derby or the game (as I don't), it is the slowest three sports days of the I'm sitting here, I know the A.L. won, but not the score or anything that happened. 

Anthony Andro says yesterday was a special day for Michael Young, who was making his first start in an All Star Game.

Bud Selig says MLB helped the Rangers, and it was something that MLB has done in the past with other teams, but didn't go into any details.

I missed this earlier, but Kevin Sherrington said last week that the Rangers basically have no chance against the Angels, because the Angels "hit better, work pitchers better, play small ball better, field better, pitch better, manage better."  And the Angels have been a better offensive team this year than the Rangers...but field better?

The Rangers are 6th in DER this year, the Angels 25th.  The Rangers are 7th in UZR this year, the Angels 10th.

And while the Angels have a better FIP than the Rangers do, some of that is due to park effects...realistically, the Rangers and Angels have pitched equally well so far this year.