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Happy Birthday, Jonathan Johnson

Happy birthday to Jonathan Johnson, who turns 35 today.

Johnson was the Rangers' first round draft pick in 1995, #7 overall, in Doug Melvin's first draft with the Rangers, and he sort of set the tone for Melvin's drafts, which were pretty uniformly awful when he was with Texas.

Melvin picked Johnson in large part because he was perceived to be close to major league ready and he wanted someone who could contribute quickly.  Johnson, as it turned out, was in the majors by 1998, but never really did much and last pitched in the majors in 2003.

The Rangers passed up University of Tennessee QB Todd Helton to pick Johnson, and another guy known as a UT QB, Shea Morenz, went later in the first round to the Yankees, as well as QB Chad Hutchinson going to the Braves (not to be confused with Chad Hermansen, who also went in the first round, to the Pirates).

And if you really want to dwell on things, Roy Halladay went #17 overall that year to the Jays.