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Sunday morning Rangers stuff

So, really, there's only one story regarding this team right now, and it is its inability to score runs.

Anthony Andro notes that, over the course of the team's current four game losing streak, it has scored 8 runs.  Scoring one run last night meant that Scott Feldman's fifth straight quality start was for naught.

Gil LeBreton writes that there's no point in making a big deal at the trade deadline right now, because the team can't score any runs, and adding Roy Halladay (or calling up Neftali Feliz) isn't going to change that.  He has a bunch of quotes from Jon Daniels (who says that the team needs to have better ABs and a more consistent approach at the plate, and that the Rangers aren't going to be buyers if they aren't playing up to their capabilities).

Ron Washington says that, at some point this season, Neftali Feliz will be up in the majors, but it isn't likely to be right now.

Jim Reeves says the Rangers should play Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz every day, give Andruw Jones a week or two of consistent ABs at DH so they can get a read on if he's a solution there or not, and platoon Marlon Byrd and David Murphy in left field.