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Thursday morning Rangers stuff

Off day today, and you have to feel, well, not terrible about things right now.  I hate to think what the mood would have been like if we'd blown that 7-1 lead last night and lost.

Jeff Wilson says the Rangers were glad Mike Scioscia opted to pitch to Hank Blalock, who had been in a pretty big slump before yesterday's game, in the 9th, rather than pitching around him and going after Julio Borbon.  I will say that in that situation, where a hit wins the game, there's probably not that big a difference between pitching to Blalock, who has hit for power but not for average this season, and Borbon, who profiles as a good hitter for average with less power.

Evan Grant says last night's game was more reminiscent of the pre-2009 Rangers, with weird plays, a bullpen collapse and lots of offense.

Vicente Padilla has been scratched from his start on Saturday, due to a sore shoulder.  Derek Holland will take his place.

Dustin Nippert could be activated and return to the Rangers after just one more rehab appearance.  The question then, of course, is who is removed from the 40 man roster and the 25 man roster to make room for Nippert.

The Rangers bullpen has a new talisman, courtesy of Jason Grilli.

Mike Bauman writes that the Rangers are legitimate contenders.

Jim Reeves says that Kevin Millwood deserves to be in the All Star Game.

The S-T has a piece on Kasey Kiker.

Evan Grant says that the response to reports that the Rangers have had to borrow $15 million from MLB to make payroll has been "no comment."

Mike Heika reports that Tom Hicks has folded the marketing group he had formed for the purpose of marketing the Stars and Rangers.