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Monday morning Rangers things

Weird, frustrating game last night.  It ended well, but at the same time, sort of drove home how messed up this offense is right now.

And exceptional work from the bullpen last night, which went 8 innings, struck out 9, walked 2, and allowed just 2 hits.

Jeff Wilson writes that the Rangers at the start of the game knew the M's and Angels had both won, which meant that another loss would drop them even farther back in the A.L. West race.

Jeff (the writer) Miller writes that the pen has adopted the name the "Wolf Pack," and its wolf pack mentality was key to last night's victory.

On the injury front, Nelson Cruz has a fractured ring finger, but it isn't considered serious, and he could be back in the lineup tonight.  Matt Harrison, meanwhile, is set to make a rehab start in Frisco on Wednesday.

The Rangers are inquiring on pitching on the trade front, but don't want to seriously deplete the farm to make a move.  Wilson runs down possible targets for the rotation and bullpen.