Nolan Ryan chat

Adam: Could you clarify what the organization's stance is in regards to pitch counts, particularly for players in the minors? Nolan: We basically have a pitch count for our kids that are 18 and 19 years old where we have them on a lower pitch count than our older kids in the minor league system. That is somewhere around 100 pitches for starters. On our kids that are in AA and AAA, we expand that number and can go up to 110 or 115, could go to 120 at AAA. Then what we try to do on the ML level is let the pitching coach, manager and pitcher's ability plus whatever his personal situation is (how many innings he's worked, what he did in his last start, performance that night as far as where his pitches are distributed and whether he had an easy time or if he struggled) that would impact how many pitches he might throw in that game. Nolan Ryan, hopefully putting some minds at ease.