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Tuesday a.m. Rangers things

See, we need more games like last night's.  Everyone would be happier.

Evan Grant says that the Rangers' approach with John Smoltz was to keep things simple -- Michael Young, in the pre-game meeting about how to approach Smoltz, simply said he was going to get a fastball and was going to hit it.  And that worked out pretty well last night.

Jeff Wilson writes that the Hamilton to Kinsler to Salty relay to the plate to cut down Mike Lowell helped spark the team.

C.J. Wilson got the save yesterday, after pitching 2 innings the day before, because Frankie Francisco was put on the disabled list with pneumonia.  Anthony Andro also notes that Ian Kinsler's walk-off homer, after having led off the bottom of the first with a homer, was a rare was only the fifth time that's happened.

Jim Reeves invokes the Harold Baines trade in urging the Rangers to be patient and not give up top prospects for Roy Halladay.

Bob Sturm and Evan Grant talk about the Rangers' situation right now, with Sturm suggesting that Rudy Jaramillo should be more under fire for the Rangers' poor offensive approach (while also hammering the front office over chain-of-command issues), and Grant saying the two "untouchables" in the Ranger farm system are Justin Smoak and Martin Perez.

And Tim Cowlishaw talks about the Rangers' reliance on the long ball.