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Wednesday a.m. Rangers stuff

Three game winning streak, and a chance to sweep Boston today.  Nice, nice...

Jeff (the writer) Miller says that Tommy Hunter has impressed this summer, showing that he's learned from his experience up here last season and putting himself in contention for a permanent rotation spot.

As I've mentioned before, the Rangers could have some interesting decisions to make, particularly if Ben Sheets signs here.  Sheets, Kevin Millwood, Scott Feldman, Hunter, Derek Holland, Matt Harrison, and Neftali Feliz would all seem to be prime candidates to start 2010 in the rotation...and that's before we consider Eric Hurley, or Guillermo Moscoso, or Brandon McCarthy, or any of the other fringier guys.

Jeff Wilson says that good baserunning led to all the runs the Rangers scored yesterday. 

Andruw Jones is 2 for 25 since his three homer game a couple of weeks ago, although Ron Washington says he still supports Jones.  However, with Nelson Cruz apparently likely to play today, I'm guessing Jones will be sitting against Boston starter Clay Buchholz.

The Rangers are contemplating adding a bench player to the roster before today's game starts.  The Rangers were basically down to a one man bench yesterday, with Omar Vizquel having "flu-like symptoms" and Cruz still dealing with his fractured finger.  The three man bench was already leaving the Rangers short-handed, so a move is likely to come sooner or later.

Gil LeBreton has a column up praising Hank Blalock's play this month, and saying that he's been worth the $6 million he's getting paid this year.