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Friday morning Rangers stuff

Thanks to a Joe Nathan blown save, the Rangers are now 3 1/2 games back of the Angels in the A.L. West.

Despite that, both papers today have columns urging the Rangers to be buyers. 

Jennifer Floyd Engel says the Rangers owe it to Kevin Millwood and Michael Young to be buyers, and ends with this:

Of course, the Rangers should not give up Justin Smoak, Neftali Feliz and Derek Holland for a player they can not afford to re-sign. But what about one as the centerpiece of a deal for, say, Lee? What if it guarantees them a playoff spot this year?

The Rangers have to at least think about it, or else President Perry needs to use his executive privilege and make it happen.

How in the world could getting Cliff Lee guarantee the Rangers a playoff spot this year? 

Tim Cowlishaw, meanwhile, says the Rangers need to make the plunge now because there's no guarantee they'll be in a better position next year.

Jeff Wilson has a story up about the issues involved with relegating either Chris Davis or Justin Smoak to a full-time DH role in 2010, when both are expected to be in the majors, and has this to say about the timetable on Davis's return:

Rangers brass insist Davis will return to the big-league club this season. The thought is that the move could happen sooner than later, and there’s little doubt that Davis will be an impact player in 2010.

Anthony Andro has a story up about the worst offenses in Rangers history, in an effort to provide some perspective to what the Ranger offense is going through this year.

There's also a flu update, with Jon Daniels saying that he doesn't expect to make any moves to respond to the flu bug going through the team, although Frankie Francisco is not expected to be activated this weekend, when he's eligible to return to the d.l.

And T.R. Sullivan has his latest mailbag column up.