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Saturday a.m. Rangers things

Another win, another Angels win.  Still 3.5 back of Anaheim, but 3 games ahead of the M's, who were tied with the Rangers not that long ago.

Anthony Andro writes that Scott Feldman beat the best pitcher in the A.L. last night.

With Matt Harrison out for the rest of the year, Derek Holland, who starts today, becomes much more important to the rotation.  Holland says he knows he needs to throw more first pitch strikesDustin Nippert and Doug Mathis, the Rangers' long men, aren't available today, so the Rangers need Holland to give them at least five or six innings.

Thad Levine says that while Vicente Padilla is the only Ranger with a confirmed case of swine flu, he suspects some other players will end up testing positive for it, as well.

And the Rangers are the best in the league in stolen base percentage.